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ExcelStor Technology
Western Digital

Speed vs Capacity

results from 1003 hard disks

Brand/modelCapacityMaximum SpeedAccess Time
CP3204F210 MB0.6 MB/sec26.6 ms
21.6 MB/sec23.5 ms
CFS1081A1 GB4.0 MB/sec22.6 ms
ExcelStor Technology
40 GB45.2 MB/sec13.5 ms
J24040 GB45.2 MB/sec18.8 ms
60 GB54.4 MB/sec13.7 ms
MPA3035AT3.5 GB8.5 MB/sec12.4 ms
MHK2048AT4 GB13.7 MB/sec21.8 ms
MPE3064AT6.5 GB18.5 MB/sec15.3 ms
218.9 MB/sec15.1 ms
MPF3102AT10 GB23.1 MB/sec15.2 ms
MPG3202AT10 GB25.0 MB/sec15.3 ms
MPE3170AT17 GB19.3 MB/sec15.6 ms
MHR2020AT20 GB21.3 MB/sec21.9 ms
MHT2020AT20 GB21.7 MB/sec18.5 ms
MPF3204AH20 GB27.9 MB/sec13.4 ms
MPG3204AH20 GB36.9 MB/sec12.9 ms
MHT2030AT30 GB24.2 MB/sec19.7 ms
224.2 MB/sec20.5 ms
MAP3367NP36 GB68.2 MB/sec8.1 ms
268.3 MB/sec8.1 ms
MAS3367NP36 GB75.5 MB/sec5.9 ms
MAU3036NC36 GB89.8 MB/sec5.8 ms
234.2 MB/sec17.4 ms
328.0 MB/sec19.5 ms
MHT2040AH40 GB34.2 MB/sec18.2 ms
234.2 MB/sec18.4 ms
MHT2040AT40 GB21.7 MB/sec20.2 ms
MHT2060AH60 GB30.2 MB/sec18.2 ms
MHT2060AT60 GB24.2 MB/sec21.1 ms
224.3 MB/sec21.2 ms
MHV2060AH60 GB40.8 MB/sec22.0 ms
MHV2060BH60 GB35.8 MB/sec18.4 ms
MAX3073NC73 GB90.0 MB/sec5.8 ms
MHT2080AH80 GB34.2 MB/sec19.0 ms
MHT2080AT80 GB28.0 MB/sec20.4 ms
MHV2080BH80 GB34.4 MB/sec18.6 ms
MHU2100AT100 GB30.7 MB/sec20.2 ms
MHV2100AH100 GB41.5 MB/sec21.7 ms
MHV2120AT120 GB32.6 MB/sec19.4 ms
MHV2160BT160 GB32.2 MB/sec20.5 ms
DK23CA-2020 GB20.7 MB/sec25.5 ms
220.7 MB/sec18.7 ms
DK23DA-2020 GB23.5 MB/sec20.4 ms
240.0 MB/sec14.6 ms
DK23CA-3030 GB20.7 MB/sec19.4 ms
DK23DA-3030 GB23.9 MB/sec19.8 ms
236.7 MB/sec18.1 ms
336.3 MB/sec17.3 ms
DK23DA-4040 GB23.7 MB/sec20.1 ms
DK23EA-4040 GB24.9 MB/sec19.2 ms
DK23EB-4040 GB28.7 MB/sec18.1 ms
HDS722540VLSA8040 GB56.8 MB/sec13.3 ms
HTS424040M9AT0040 GB25.9 MB/sec19.3 ms
227.8 MB/sec18.2 ms
HTS541040G9AT0040 GB37.4 MB/sec17.1 ms
HTS548040M9AT0040 GB34.6 MB/sec17.5 ms
240.0 MB/sec14.4 ms
DK23EA-6060 GB28.4 MB/sec19.5 ms
228.7 MB/sec22.3 ms
HTS541060G9AT0060 GB33.3 MB/sec17.4 ms
233.4 MB/sec16.6 ms
HTS548060M9AT0060 GB31.0 MB/sec17.3 ms
HTS721060G9AT0060 GB45.8 MB/sec15.2 ms
HTS726060M9AT0060 GB37.0 MB/sec16.3 ms
238.5 MB/sec14.5 ms
338.5 MB/sec14.6 ms
440.0 MB/sec14.5 ms
538.4 MB/sec14.3 ms
639.9 MB/sec14.4 ms
739.4 MB/sec14.5 ms
HDS721680PLA80 GB74.1 MB/sec19.1 ms
HDS722525VLAT8080 GB58.4 MB/sec17.6 ms
HDS722580VLAT2080 GB57.3 MB/sec13.3 ms
256.5 MB/sec13.9 ms
357.8 MB/sec13.4 ms
HDS722580VLSA8080 GB57.9 MB/sec13.3 ms
257.7 MB/sec13.4 ms
357.9 MB/sec12.8 ms
457.8 MB/sec13.1 ms
HDS728080PLA38080 GB57.8 MB/sec13.1 ms
257.8 MB/sec18.5 ms
357.8 MB/sec17.7 ms
HDS728080PLAT2080 GB57.8 MB/sec13.5 ms
HTE721080G9AT0080 GB45.9 MB/sec15.3 ms
HTS541080G9S80 GB33.4 MB/sec18.6 ms
HTS541080G9SA0080 GB35.4 MB/sec17.3 ms
235.3 MB/sec17.0 ms
HTS548080M9AT0080 GB36.7 MB/sec17.8 ms
HTS721080G9AT0080 GB45.8 MB/sec15.4 ms
HTS541010G9AT00100 GB37.4 MB/sec17.3 ms
238.3 MB/sec16.9 ms
342.1 MB/sec16.9 ms
HTS721010G9AT00100 GB52.6 MB/sec15.6 ms
249.9 MB/sec15.4 ms
353.3 MB/sec16.0 ms
HTS721010G9SA00100 GB47.7 MB/sec15.3 ms
250.8 MB/sec15.5 ms
HDS722512VLAT20120 GB57.1 MB/sec12.8 ms
257.1 MB/sec12.9 ms
358.2 MB/sec13.0 ms
458.1 MB/sec12.3 ms
HDS722512VLAT80120 GB58.1 MB/sec12.7 ms
HDS722512VLSA80120 GB58.2 MB/sec12.6 ms
HTS541612J9S120 GB37.2 MB/sec16.4 ms
HTS541612J9SA00120 GB39.3 MB/sec17.2 ms
HDS722516DLA380160 GB62.0 MB/sec12.7 ms
262.0 MB/sec12.6 ms
362.0 MB/sec18.0 ms
HDS722516VLAT80160 GB58.1 MB/sec13.1 ms
258.3 MB/sec13.0 ms
358.2 MB/sec12.4 ms
458.2 MB/sec13.2 ms
556.1 MB/sec12.5 ms
658.3 MB/sec12.5 ms
758.3 MB/sec12.9 ms
HDS722516VLSA80160 GB58.3 MB/sec15.1 ms
255.7 MB/sec14.9 ms
357.5 MB/sec13.5 ms
HDT722516DLA380160 GB60.7 MB/sec12.6 ms
262.0 MB/sec12.6 ms
362.0 MB/sec13.0 ms
459.5 MB/sec12.7 ms
560.7 MB/sec12.6 ms
HTS541616J9A160 GB45.9 MB/sec17.0 ms
245.9 MB/sec17.0 ms
HDS722525DLAT80250 GB64.7 MB/sec12.8 ms
258.5 MB/sec12.2 ms
HDS722525VLSA80250 GB58.5 MB/sec12.0 ms
258.5 MB/sec11.8 ms
358.2 MB/sec12.2 ms
HDT722525DLA380250 GB64.6 MB/sec13.1 ms
267.2 MB/sec12.9 ms
367.2 MB/sec15.4 ms
467.2 MB/sec12.9 ms
HUS103030FL3800300 GB84.8 MB/sec8.0 ms
HDT725032VLA320 GB71.0 MB/sec14.0 ms
HDS724040KLAT80400 GB58.8 MB/sec12.6 ms
HDS725050KLA360500 GB61.8 MB/sec12.7 ms
261.8 MB/sec12.8 ms
HDT725050VLA380500 GB77.0 MB/sec13.8 ms
DBOA-2360360 MB3.0 MB/sec22.6 ms
DTNA-221102 GB5.0 MB/sec19.9 ms
DBCA-2064806 GB9.8 MB/sec20.3 ms
DHEA-364816 GB9.7 MB/sec14.8 ms
DARA-2090009 GB13.2 MB/sec19.8 ms
DJSA-21010 GB17.1 MB/sec19.5 ms
DTTA-37101010 GB12.7 MB/sec13.7 ms
216.9 MB/sec16.9 ms
DPTA-37136013 GB22.2 MB/sec13.2 ms
DTTA-37144014 GB12.7 MB/sec14.1 ms
DTLA-30701515 GB35.3 MB/sec22.2 ms
DTTA-35168016 GB12.2 MB/sec15.9 ms
DARA-21800018 GB12.7 MB/sec19.4 ms
DJNA-35203020 GB14.8 MB/sec15.1 ms
DJNA-37220020 GB17.1 MB/sec12.9 ms
DJSA-22020 GB17.1 MB/sec18.7 ms
DPTA-37205020 GB22.3 MB/sec13.3 ms
DTLA-30502020 GB26.9 MB/sec14.4 ms
230.1 MB/sec14.7 ms
330.2 MB/sec14.6 ms
IC25N020ATCS04-020 GB20.2 MB/sec19.1 ms
IC35L020AVER07-020 GB38.4 MB/sec21.5 ms
IC35L020AVVA07-020 GB44.4 MB/sec19.4 ms
DPTA-37273027 GB22.3 MB/sec13.9 ms
DTLA-30703030 GB35.7 MB/sec12.7 ms
235.6 MB/sec12.8 ms
335.7 MB/sec12.7 ms
435.8 MB/sec13.0 ms
535.7 MB/sec12.7 ms
IC25N030ATCS04-030 GB19.9 MB/sec19.5 ms
219.9 MB/sec18.8 ms
IC25N030ATDA04-030 GB19.6 MB/sec19.4 ms
IC25N030ATMR04-030 GB24.4 MB/sec19.9 ms
ESXSST336753LW36 GB72.8 MB/sec5.9 ms
IC25N040ATCS05-036 GB25.3 MB/sec16.9 ms
IC35L036UWD210-036 GB52.2 MB/sec8.3 ms
IC35L036UWDY10-036 GB63.7 MB/sec8.1 ms
DTLA-30504040 GB27.0 MB/sec15.0 ms
IC25N040ATCS04-040 GB20.2 MB/sec18.4 ms
221.0 MB/sec18.2 ms
325.3 MB/sec16.5 ms
IC35L040AVER07-040 GB38.9 MB/sec12.6 ms
237.6 MB/sec12.4 ms
338.9 MB/sec12.6 ms
438.9 MB/sec12.5 ms
IC35L040AVVA07-040 GB45.2 MB/sec12.4 ms
IC35L040AVVN07-040 GB45.7 MB/sec13.2 ms
245.2 MB/sec13.0 ms
DTLA-30704545 GB35.9 MB/sec12.1 ms
IC25T048ATDA05-048 GB19.8 MB/sec19.3 ms
DTLA-30706060 GB35.9 MB/sec13.3 ms
235.9 MB/sec13.1 ms
335.9 MB/sec13.1 ms
IC25N060ATMR04-060 GB27.1 MB/sec18.1 ms
227.2 MB/sec17.9 ms
329.8 MB/sec18.3 ms
428.9 MB/sec18.6 ms
528.2 MB/sec18.6 ms
628.7 MB/sec20.9 ms
729.9 MB/sec18.0 ms
828.9 MB/sec21.3 ms
929.0 MB/sec17.8 ms
1029.8 MB/sec18.4 ms
IC35L060AVER07-060 GB39.0 MB/sec12.4 ms
238.0 MB/sec12.6 ms
IC35L060AVV207-060 GB54.4 MB/sec14.1 ms
254.4 MB/sec14.0 ms
353.6 MB/sec12.7 ms
IC35L060AVVA07-060 GB45.6 MB/sec12.6 ms
245.7 MB/sec12.3 ms
DTLA-30707575 GB35.9 MB/sec12.7 ms
IC25N080ATMR04-080 GB28.9 MB/sec18.0 ms
227.4 MB/sec19.1 ms
IC35L080AVVA07-080 GB45.8 MB/sec13.2 ms
245.7 MB/sec12.2 ms
345.8 MB/sec12.1 ms
445.8 MB/sec12.2 ms
544.2 MB/sec12.3 ms
645.8 MB/sec12.2 ms
745.8 MB/sec18.9 ms
IC35L090AVV207-080 GB53.6 MB/sec12.3 ms
254.6 MB/sec12.3 ms
354.6 MB/sec12.9 ms
IC35L100AVV207-0100 GB45.7 MB/sec12.4 ms
IC35L120AVV207-0120 GB54.6 MB/sec12.6 ms
IC35L120AVV207-1120 GB38.6 MB/sec12.9 ms
254.6 MB/sec13.1 ms
354.7 MB/sec12.6 ms
454.7 MB/sec12.6 ms
552.6 MB/sec12.6 ms
654.7 MB/sec13.0 ms
IC35L120AVVA07-0120 GB46.0 MB/sec18.8 ms
IC35L180AVV207-1180 GB51.7 MB/sec12.9 ms
71000A1 GB4.7 MB/sec20.6 ms
82561D32 GB11.3 MB/sec17.1 ms
90648D36 GB14.9 MB/sec15.3 ms
214.9 MB/sec16.2 ms
90845D48 GB14.9 MB/sec16.0 ms
2B010H110 GB25.5 MB/sec17.4 ms
51024U210 GB27.7 MB/sec14.4 ms
91024U410 GB20.6 MB/sec13.8 ms
5T015H215 GB36.7 MB/sec16.6 ms
91731U417 GB24.8 MB/sec15.3 ms
2B020H120 GB37.4 MB/sec18.9 ms
237.4 MB/sec21.9 ms
2F020L020 GB33.1 MB/sec23.3 ms
32049H220 GB28.4 MB/sec15.2 ms
32049H320 GB26.6 MB/sec20.5 ms
226.5 MB/sec22.2 ms
52049H320 GB31.8 MB/sec18.5 ms
52049U420 GB29.0 MB/sec13.7 ms
5T020H220 GB36.7 MB/sec14.0 ms
236.7 MB/sec17.6 ms
6E020J120 GB40.0 MB/sec11.9 ms
6E020L020 GB36.5 MB/sec14.9 ms
92041U420 GB24.8 MB/sec15.7 ms
2F030J030 GB36.8 MB/sec22.5 ms
5T030H330 GB36.7 MB/sec16.5 ms
6E030L030 GB50.2 MB/sec14.5 ms
93073U630 GB24.8 MB/sec15.7 ms
Atlas10K4_36WLS36 GB68.7 MB/sec7.4 ms
Atlas15K2_36WLS36 GB92.9 MB/sec5.5 ms
2F040J040 GB46.1 MB/sec21.7 ms
246.2 MB/sec22.2 ms
2F040L040 GB46.1 MB/sec21.6 ms
246.2 MB/sec22.0 ms
4D040H240 GB34.8 MB/sec20.7 ms
234.8 MB/sec16.2 ms
4D080H440 GB35.1 MB/sec21.4 ms
4K040H240 GB32.6 MB/sec19.4 ms
4R060L040 GB38.2 MB/sec30.3 ms
245.3 MB/sec22.9 ms
5T040H440 GB36.7 MB/sec13.2 ms
6E040L040 GB57.8 MB/sec14.3 ms
258.0 MB/sec14.1 ms
357.8 MB/sec17.4 ms
457.8 MB/sec14.1 ms
557.8 MB/sec14.3 ms
657.8 MB/sec14.4 ms
757.8 MB/sec15.0 ms
6L040J240 GB40.3 MB/sec12.0 ms
240.3 MB/sec15.0 ms
340.4 MB/sec12.2 ms
440.1 MB/sec12.3 ms
540.3 MB/sec14.7 ms
640.1 MB/sec12.0 ms
6L040L240 GB40.4 MB/sec12.8 ms
4R060J060 GB38.3 MB/sec30.2 ms
6L060J360 GB39.6 MB/sec12.0 ms
240.0 MB/sec12.2 ms
340.9 MB/sec11.9 ms
6Y060L060 GB47.9 MB/sec14.0 ms
246.7 MB/sec13.6 ms
348.3 MB/sec13.7 ms
450.3 MB/sec14.8 ms
546.7 MB/sec15.3 ms
96147H660 GB28.4 MB/sec15.2 ms
Atlas10K4_73WLS73 GB67.5 MB/sec7.5 ms
ATLAS10K5_73SCA73 GB84.2 MB/sec7.8 ms
4R080L080 GB40.4 MB/sec21.0 ms
6L080J480 GB40.1 MB/sec12.3 ms
6L080L080 GB55.9 MB/sec14.1 ms
6L080L480 GB40.3 MB/sec12.2 ms
6L080M080 GB56.9 MB/sec14.0 ms
256.4 MB/sec13.7 ms
6L080P080 GB62.7 MB/sec14.8 ms
263.1 MB/sec15.0 ms
363.3 MB/sec14.2 ms
6V080E080 GB69.0 MB/sec14.9 ms
6Y080L080 GB50.5 MB/sec14.3 ms
256.3 MB/sec14.9 ms
356.8 MB/sec14.6 ms
456.9 MB/sec14.8 ms
557.3 MB/sec14.6 ms
657.3 MB/sec14.0 ms
754.9 MB/sec14.1 ms
856.8 MB/sec15.2 ms
956.7 MB/sec14.5 ms
1056.9 MB/sec14.6 ms
1156.9 MB/sec15.1 ms
1256.5 MB/sec14.8 ms
1357.3 MB/sec22.1 ms
1457.3 MB/sec14.0 ms
1556.9 MB/sec13.9 ms
1657.0 MB/sec19.8 ms
6Y080M080 GB55.8 MB/sec15.7 ms
257.0 MB/sec13.6 ms
356.8 MB/sec15.0 ms
457.2 MB/sec14.1 ms
556.3 MB/sec15.2 ms
656.8 MB/sec14.4 ms
757.3 MB/sec14.9 ms
856.8 MB/sec14.9 ms
956.8 MB/sec14.0 ms
6Y080P080 GB56.9 MB/sec15.5 ms
256.9 MB/sec14.7 ms
357.2 MB/sec15.1 ms
457.2 MB/sec15.2 ms
557.2 MB/sec15.0 ms
656.8 MB/sec14.8 ms
751.0 MB/sec14.6 ms
857.3 MB/sec21.2 ms
957.0 MB/sec14.2 ms
1056.9 MB/sec14.3 ms
1157.3 MB/sec13.5 ms
1255.0 MB/sec15.9 ms
6Y120L0120 GB48.1 MB/sec12.8 ms
256.6 MB/sec14.3 ms
356.9 MB/sec15.2 ms
457.0 MB/sec13.6 ms
556.7 MB/sec19.0 ms
656.8 MB/sec14.2 ms
750.8 MB/sec14.0 ms
856.8 MB/sec13.3 ms
948.0 MB/sec13.9 ms
1057.0 MB/sec14.2 ms
6Y120M0120 GB56.7 MB/sec15.5 ms
256.7 MB/sec14.0 ms
356.9 MB/sec18.5 ms
456.8 MB/sec13.8 ms
556.9 MB/sec14.0 ms
656.9 MB/sec13.9 ms
757.1 MB/sec13.4 ms
856.9 MB/sec14.0 ms
956.9 MB/sec13.1 ms
6Y120P0120 GB56.9 MB/sec14.6 ms
256.2 MB/sec13.8 ms
357.0 MB/sec13.3 ms
457.1 MB/sec13.6 ms
548.2 MB/sec20.0 ms
657.1 MB/sec14.1 ms
756.6 MB/sec14.8 ms
4A160J0160 GB38.4 MB/sec21.0 ms
4G160J8160 GB35.1 MB/sec21.2 ms
6B160P0160 GB55.0 MB/sec15.2 ms
6G160E0160 GB72.7 MB/sec15.7 ms
6G160P0160 GB67.8 MB/sec18.6 ms
6L160M0160 GB56.1 MB/sec15.3 ms
266.4 MB/sec14.2 ms
6Y160M0160 GB57.0 MB/sec16.7 ms
257.7 MB/sec15.4 ms
356.9 MB/sec14.2 ms
457.0 MB/sec14.7 ms
556.8 MB/sec14.3 ms
6Y160P0160 GB56.9 MB/sec13.7 ms
256.5 MB/sec13.9 ms
356.9 MB/sec15.9 ms
457.3 MB/sec14.7 ms
557.1 MB/sec13.7 ms
657.3 MB/sec14.1 ms
756.8 MB/sec15.6 ms
856.8 MB/sec14.7 ms
956.6 MB/sec13.7 ms
6B200M0200 GB62.8 MB/sec13.8 ms
261.6 MB/sec15.4 ms
362.0 MB/sec15.3 ms
461.8 MB/sec14.5 ms
6B200P0200 GB61.0 MB/sec15.2 ms
261.2 MB/sec15.0 ms
6L200M0200 GB62.2 MB/sec14.6 ms
6L200P0200 GB62.7 MB/sec15.9 ms
6Y200L0200 GB53.0 MB/sec13.3 ms
6Y200M0200 GB57.9 MB/sec13.4 ms
6Y200P0200 GB55.1 MB/sec15.3 ms
253.8 MB/sec13.1 ms
357.6 MB/sec13.0 ms
456.8 MB/sec16.5 ms
557.8 MB/sec12.5 ms
653.1 MB/sec14.1 ms
6B250R0250 GB54.3 MB/sec14.0 ms
6B250S0250 GB62.5 MB/sec14.0 ms
6L250R0250 GB62.0 MB/sec14.3 ms
262.4 MB/sec14.3 ms
362.2 MB/sec15.9 ms
6L250S0250 GB54.4 MB/sec16.7 ms
6V250F0250 GB67.0 MB/sec14.2 ms
6Y250M0250 GB57.7 MB/sec14.6 ms
7L250R0250 GB62.4 MB/sec15.7 ms
7L250S0250 GB62.9 MB/sec21.1 ms
256.6 MB/sec17.0 ms
7V250F0250 GB67.9 MB/sec21.7 ms
7Y250M0250 GB58.4 MB/sec14.6 ms
257.6 MB/sec14.8 ms
358.2 MB/sec15.2 ms
7Y250P0250 GB58.2 MB/sec14.4 ms
STM3250820AS250 GB80.0 MB/sec13.2 ms
5A300J0300 GB45.4 MB/sec15.1 ms
245.2 MB/sec14.8 ms
6B300S0300 GB61.6 MB/sec13.6 ms
262.0 MB/sec15.4 ms
6L300M0300 GB62.7 MB/sec15.5 ms
6L300R0300 GB62.0 MB/sec14.8 ms
261.7 MB/sec14.2 ms
6L300S0300 GB62.6 MB/sec14.5 ms
262.6 MB/sec13.3 ms
362.3 MB/sec15.3 ms
463.0 MB/sec13.2 ms
6V300F0300 GB72.8 MB/sec15.1 ms
271.4 MB/sec14.6 ms
372.9 MB/sec14.4 ms
470.7 MB/sec14.8 ms
572.7 MB/sec16.0 ms
6V320F0320 GB73.8 MB/sec15.0 ms
271.2 MB/sec15.2 ms
STM3320820AS320 GB80.1 MB/sec13.5 ms
279.1 MB/sec13.3 ms
7H500F0500 GB72.5 MB/sec15.1 ms
P40S40 MB0.5 MB/sec32.8 ms
LP120A GM120120 MB1.1 MB/sec28.3 ms
LP240A GM240240 MB0.5 MB/sec29.7 ms
Maverick 270270 MB2.5 MB/sec23.7 ms
LPS420A420 MB2.1 MB/sec22.7 ms
Fireball TM1280A1 GB6.7 MB/sec18.7 ms
Fireball EX44 GB12.5 MB/sec13.9 ms
Fireball_CR44 GB14.5 MB/sec14.3 ms
QM34500TD-S4 GB13.2 MB/sec12.1 ms
Fireball EL55 GB11.2 MB/sec15.2 ms
Fireball CX66 GB18.7 MB/sec14.9 ms
Fireball EX6.4A6 GB12.6 MB/sec14.6 ms
Fireball CR66.5 GB14.6 MB/sec15.0 ms
Fireball CR88.5 GB14.6 MB/sec14.3 ms
Atlas10K_9WLS9 GB24.8 MB/sec8.4 ms
Atlas_V__9_WLS9 GB28.2 MB/sec10.5 ms
Fireball_LCT20_1010 GB20.6 MB/sec18.9 ms
Atlas10K2-TY184L18 GB40.2 MB/sec7.6 ms
Fireball LCT220 GB20.7 MB/sec18.8 ms
Fireball LCT220 GB20.6 MB/sec17.8 ms
FireballP AS20 GB34.3 MB/sec13.2 ms
FireballP LM20 GB25.6 MB/sec11.9 ms
Atlas10K3_73_WLS73 GB51.8 MB/sec7.8 ms
WU33205A3 GB9.9 MB/sec15.9 ms
29.9 MB/sec16.0 ms
SV3063H30 GB27.5 MB/sec14.6 ms
MP0402H40 GB30.1 MB/sec17.3 ms
SP0411N40 GB52.1 MB/sec13.4 ms
SV0412H40 GB26.6 MB/sec19.1 ms
SV4012H40 GB32.6 MB/sec14.7 ms
SV4084D40 GB27.5 MB/sec14.3 ms
SP0612N60 GB48.4 MB/sec13.7 ms
HD080HJ80 GB57.7 MB/sec14.5 ms
263.4 MB/sec14.2 ms
359.3 MB/sec14.0 ms
462.7 MB/sec13.2 ms
HM080JI80 GB32.3 MB/sec18.4 ms
MP0804H80 GB30.7 MB/sec17.4 ms
231.7 MB/sec17.8 ms
331.4 MB/sec17.8 ms
SP0802N80 GB59.2 MB/sec13.6 ms
259.6 MB/sec14.1 ms
359.8 MB/sec13.5 ms
456.2 MB/sec13.7 ms
558.2 MB/sec13.6 ms
657.9 MB/sec13.7 ms
SP0812C80 GB60.2 MB/sec13.7 ms
SP0812N80 GB59.5 MB/sec13.6 ms
259.0 MB/sec13.6 ms
345.8 MB/sec13.1 ms
SP0842N80 GB60.0 MB/sec13.8 ms
SV0813H80 GB33.9 MB/sec19.4 ms
SV8004H80 GB31.9 MB/sec14.9 ms
HM100JC100 GB33.2 MB/sec20.1 ms
HM120JC120 GB39.4 MB/sec17.9 ms
SP1203N120 GB47.2 MB/sec13.7 ms
257.8 MB/sec13.4 ms
SP1213C120 GB57.8 MB/sec13.6 ms
259.1 MB/sec13.5 ms
359.0 MB/sec13.4 ms
460.1 MB/sec15.4 ms
SP1213N120 GB60.2 MB/sec13.5 ms
HD160JJ160 GB56.0 MB/sec13.8 ms
SP1604N160 GB57.7 MB/sec16.2 ms
259.1 MB/sec15.4 ms
357.7 MB/sec13.5 ms
462.9 MB/sec13.8 ms
SP1614C160 GB57.6 MB/sec13.8 ms
259.1 MB/sec13.9 ms
360.3 MB/sec13.6 ms
459.0 MB/sec16.3 ms
559.7 MB/sec13.9 ms
660.7 MB/sec14.3 ms
760.8 MB/sec13.8 ms
859.0 MB/sec13.7 ms
SP1614N160 GB59.1 MB/sec14.0 ms
260.1 MB/sec13.8 ms
357.7 MB/sec13.6 ms
460.0 MB/sec13.8 ms
557.7 MB/sec14.1 ms
656.2 MB/sec13.9 ms
760.2 MB/sec13.8 ms
861.6 MB/sec14.6 ms
956.0 MB/sec14.0 ms
1057.8 MB/sec13.9 ms
SV1604N160 GB46.8 MB/sec14.8 ms
244.3 MB/sec14.9 ms
SP2004C200 GB59.5 MB/sec14.2 ms
255.7 MB/sec13.8 ms
353.8 MB/sec14.4 ms
SP2014N200 GB57.4 MB/sec14.3 ms
SP2504C250 GB71.7 MB/sec14.4 ms
271.8 MB/sec14.6 ms
371.8 MB/sec15.9 ms
470.3 MB/sec15.7 ms
570.4 MB/sec14.2 ms
671.8 MB/sec14.2 ms
770.0 MB/sec14.2 ms
871.8 MB/sec16.3 ms
971.8 MB/sec14.4 ms
1071.8 MB/sec14.3 ms
1173.5 MB/sec14.5 ms
SP2514N250 GB68.9 MB/sec14.9 ms
HD300LD300 GB59.9 MB/sec14.2 ms
258.8 MB/sec14.1 ms
HD321KJ320 GB79.7 MB/sec14.0 ms
HD400LJ400 GB74.7 MB/sec15.5 ms
HD501LJ500 GB79.5 MB/sec15.1 ms
281.5 MB/sec14.1 ms
379.5 MB/sec14.0 ms
ST3491A420 MB1.6 MB/sec27.3 ms
ST41200N1 GB2.1 MB/sec25.9 ms
ST32430N2 GB5.6 MB/sec15.9 ms
ST34321A4 GB9.6 MB/sec17.7 ms
ST36531A6 GB9.6 MB/sec17.9 ms
ST310014A10 GB29.2 MB/sec20.4 ms
ST313032A13 GB15.5 MB/sec15.2 ms
ST318453LW18 GB72.8 MB/sec5.8 ms
ST320011A20 GB41.5 MB/sec14.3 ms
241.4 MB/sec13.3 ms
341.5 MB/sec13.4 ms
ST320014A20 GB34.6 MB/sec23.6 ms
254.0 MB/sec18.2 ms
ST320410A20 GB27.6 MB/sec21.4 ms
229.2 MB/sec21.9 ms
ST320423A20 GB19.8 MB/sec17.8 ms
ST336607LW36 GB66.3 MB/sec8.1 ms
ST336732LW36 GB57.8 MB/sec6.0 ms
ST336752LW36 GB57.8 MB/sec6.0 ms
ST336753LC36 GB72.8 MB/sec5.9 ms
ST336753LW36 GB72.8 MB/sec6.0 ms
272.8 MB/sec5.9 ms
372.4 MB/sec5.9 ms
ST336754LW36 GB91.5 MB/sec5.6 ms
ST340014A40 GB56.0 MB/sec14.7 ms
256.0 MB/sec12.4 ms
356.1 MB/sec15.1 ms
456.2 MB/sec14.7 ms
556.0 MB/sec14.7 ms
653.8 MB/sec15.2 ms
756.1 MB/sec12.7 ms
ST340015A40 GB42.9 MB/sec21.5 ms
ST340016A40 GB40.9 MB/sec14.9 ms
240.9 MB/sec13.5 ms
339.6 MB/sec14.5 ms
ST340017A40 GB42.6 MB/sec12.1 ms
ST340810A40 GB29.2 MB/sec21.2 ms
229.2 MB/sec20.6 ms
ST360015A60 GB42.6 MB/sec15.9 ms
242.7 MB/sec15.4 ms
ST360020A60 GB29.2 MB/sec20.5 ms
ST360021A60 GB40.7 MB/sec14.7 ms
240.7 MB/sec14.9 ms
ST373207LW73 GB74.7 MB/sec8.0 ms
ST373405LW73 GB53.4 MB/sec8.6 ms
ST380011A80 GB54.5 MB/sec15.8 ms
256.1 MB/sec12.7 ms
356.0 MB/sec15.8 ms
456.0 MB/sec14.7 ms
556.1 MB/sec14.8 ms
654.5 MB/sec15.8 ms
756.0 MB/sec14.8 ms
856.1 MB/sec15.4 ms
956.2 MB/sec14.9 ms
1056.2 MB/sec14.7 ms
1153.5 MB/sec14.9 ms
1254.2 MB/sec14.9 ms
1356.1 MB/sec15.5 ms
1455.9 MB/sec14.8 ms
ST380013AS80 GB52.1 MB/sec12.7 ms
251.4 MB/sec13.0 ms
353.6 MB/sec13.3 ms
ST380020A80 GB29.1 MB/sec18.8 ms
229.2 MB/sec20.4 ms
ST380021A80 GB40.6 MB/sec14.6 ms
240.6 MB/sec15.1 ms
340.6 MB/sec14.2 ms
ST380022A80 GB42.1 MB/sec14.3 ms
ST380023A80 GB42.2 MB/sec14.2 ms
ST380023AS80 GB42.1 MB/sec13.1 ms
ST3802110A80 GB68.7 MB/sec15.8 ms
271.6 MB/sec16.4 ms
ST3808110AS80 GB70.1 MB/sec14.2 ms
268.6 MB/sec15.9 ms
360.7 MB/sec13.2 ms
468.6 MB/sec14.1 ms
ST380811AS80 GB73.7 MB/sec17.2 ms
ST380815AS80 GB74.4 MB/sec15.1 ms
ST380817AS80 GB57.1 MB/sec12.7 ms
257.8 MB/sec12.8 ms
ST96812AS80 GB40.2 MB/sec15.8 ms
ST9808211A80 GB37.0 MB/sec16.9 ms
ST980825A80 GB40.8 MB/sec15.1 ms
ST980825AS80 GB43.3 MB/sec15.4 ms
ST98823A80 GB36.4 MB/sec16.5 ms
238.3 MB/sec16.4 ms
ST3100011A100 GB62.5 MB/sec15.6 ms
ST910021AS100 GB46.2 MB/sec15.3 ms
ST9100823A100 GB36.3 MB/sec17.5 ms
ST9100824AS100 GB36.1 MB/sec16.9 ms
235.3 MB/sec17.0 ms
335.3 MB/sec17.0 ms
ST3120022A120 GB55.8 MB/sec14.5 ms
ST3120023A120 GB42.1 MB/sec14.7 ms
242.1 MB/sec14.6 ms
341.9 MB/sec14.5 ms
442.0 MB/sec14.7 ms
541.9 MB/sec15.0 ms
ST3120026A120 GB55.8 MB/sec14.5 ms
256.0 MB/sec14.5 ms
355.9 MB/sec14.6 ms
455.9 MB/sec14.6 ms
555.9 MB/sec14.6 ms
655.9 MB/sec14.5 ms
756.0 MB/sec14.9 ms
ST3120026AS120 GB55.7 MB/sec12.5 ms
254.4 MB/sec15.1 ms
353.9 MB/sec12.7 ms
454.4 MB/sec12.6 ms
ST3120213A120 GB56.7 MB/sec15.6 ms
ST3120813AS120 GB57.2 MB/sec12.9 ms
ST3120827AS120 GB57.0 MB/sec12.7 ms
256.9 MB/sec12.7 ms
357.0 MB/sec12.5 ms
ST3160021A160 GB55.9 MB/sec15.9 ms
255.9 MB/sec16.0 ms
355.9 MB/sec14.9 ms
455.9 MB/sec15.1 ms
555.4 MB/sec15.1 ms
ST3160023A160 GB56.0 MB/sec15.0 ms
256.0 MB/sec15.0 ms
355.9 MB/sec15.0 ms
455.9 MB/sec15.0 ms
555.8 MB/sec14.9 ms
655.8 MB/sec15.1 ms
755.7 MB/sec15.2 ms
855.8 MB/sec15.2 ms
ST3160023AS160 GB52.4 MB/sec12.9 ms
255.8 MB/sec13.0 ms
355.2 MB/sec12.8 ms
455.7 MB/sec12.9 ms
556.9 MB/sec12.9 ms
655.2 MB/sec12.8 ms
756.9 MB/sec14.9 ms
ST3160811AS160 GB70.7 MB/sec17.3 ms
270.3 MB/sec17.1 ms
372.3 MB/sec17.1 ms
472.3 MB/sec17.9 ms
ST3160812A160 GB70.2 MB/sec15.8 ms
271.7 MB/sec15.9 ms
374.3 MB/sec15.6 ms
ST3160812AS160 GB71.4 MB/sec12.8 ms
271.6 MB/sec13.1 ms
371.1 MB/sec13.2 ms
471.1 MB/sec13.2 ms
569.9 MB/sec13.2 ms
ST3160827AS160 GB56.8 MB/sec12.8 ms
256.8 MB/sec12.9 ms
355.6 MB/sec12.9 ms
ST3320620A160 GB74.7 MB/sec15.1 ms
ST9160821A160 GB43.5 MB/sec16.1 ms
243.4 MB/sec16.4 ms
ST9160821AS160 GB45.2 MB/sec16.1 ms
ST3200820A200 GB71.0 MB/sec15.6 ms
ST3200822A200 GB62.5 MB/sec15.4 ms
262.0 MB/sec15.5 ms
362.3 MB/sec13.8 ms
462.5 MB/sec15.6 ms
ST3200822AS200 GB62.4 MB/sec12.8 ms
262.0 MB/sec12.9 ms
362.3 MB/sec12.7 ms
459.4 MB/sec12.9 ms
562.0 MB/sec12.8 ms
661.2 MB/sec13.2 ms
758.4 MB/sec13.2 ms
ST3200826A200 GB66.5 MB/sec16.0 ms
ST3200827AS200 GB60.7 MB/sec13.5 ms
ST3250620AS250 GB77.0 MB/sec13.9 ms
276.9 MB/sec13.6 ms
379.2 MB/sec13.4 ms
477.7 MB/sec13.3 ms
579.2 MB/sec13.2 ms
ST3250623A250 GB68.4 MB/sec16.3 ms
ST3250820A250 GB72.7 MB/sec15.4 ms
ST3250820AS250 GB75.4 MB/sec13.7 ms
277.6 MB/sec13.9 ms
ST3250823A250 GB68.2 MB/sec15.7 ms
265.9 MB/sec15.3 ms
365.4 MB/sec15.3 ms
467.6 MB/sec15.7 ms
ST3250823AS250 GB67.4 MB/sec15.2 ms
268.6 MB/sec15.6 ms
ST3250824AS250 GB69.0 MB/sec13.7 ms
ST3300622AS300 GB58.2 MB/sec13.2 ms
257.8 MB/sec13.3 ms
367.1 MB/sec14.1 ms
ST3300631A300 GB60.6 MB/sec15.4 ms
ST3300831A300 GB67.9 MB/sec15.3 ms
264.5 MB/sec15.4 ms
ST3300831AS300 GB61.3 MB/sec16.0 ms
277.2 MB/sec15.2 ms
ST3320620AS320 GB76.9 MB/sec13.4 ms
277.1 MB/sec13.6 ms
375.6 MB/sec13.3 ms
477.6 MB/sec14.1 ms
576.3 MB/sec13.5 ms
678.6 MB/sec13.7 ms
775.4 MB/sec13.6 ms
875.6 MB/sec13.8 ms
976.1 MB/sec13.4 ms
1073.6 MB/sec13.0 ms
1178.5 MB/sec13.5 ms
ST3320820AS320 GB80.5 MB/sec15.6 ms
ST3400620AS400 GB79.0 MB/sec15.1 ms
ST3400832NS400 GB68.3 MB/sec15.1 ms
ST3500630NS500 GB77.1 MB/sec13.3 ms
ST3500641AS500 GB65.0 MB/sec14.2 ms
MK2006GA20 GB17.7 MB/sec18.8 ms
MK2017GAP20 GB20.3 MB/sec20.7 ms
220.3 MB/sec24.1 ms
MK2018GAS20 GB22.6 MB/sec19.7 ms
MK2023GAS20 GB20.7 MB/sec18.2 ms
MK3018GAS30 GB22.6 MB/sec19.9 ms
222.7 MB/sec19.7 ms
324.5 MB/sec19.4 ms
424.4 MB/sec19.0 ms
MK4004GAH40 GB19.1 MB/sec20.1 ms
MK4021GAS40 GB24.5 MB/sec18.8 ms
224.5 MB/sec18.3 ms
MK4025GAS40 GB27.4 MB/sec19.1 ms
227.5 MB/sec20.1 ms
327.4 MB/sec19.4 ms
427.6 MB/sec19.2 ms
MK4026GAX40 GB34.7 MB/sec17.9 ms
233.4 MB/sec18.1 ms
334.7 MB/sec18.0 ms
434.7 MB/sec17.7 ms
MK4026GAXB40 GB34.6 MB/sec18.8 ms
MK6021GAS60 GB24.5 MB/sec19.5 ms
224.5 MB/sec18.9 ms
324.5 MB/sec19.5 ms
424.5 MB/sec19.3 ms
MK6022GAX60 GB29.8 MB/sec17.8 ms
MK6025GAS60 GB24.8 MB/sec18.7 ms
MK6026GAX60 GB31.0 MB/sec16.8 ms
MK8007GAH80 GB24.6 MB/sec19.1 ms
MK8025GAS80 GB27.5 MB/sec19.8 ms
227.5 MB/sec19.7 ms
327.7 MB/sec20.1 ms
427.6 MB/sec19.7 ms
527.5 MB/sec20.2 ms
MK8026GAX80 GB34.6 MB/sec18.8 ms
234.7 MB/sec17.6 ms
334.5 MB/sec17.5 ms
434.5 MB/sec18.4 ms
MK8032GAX80 GB32.0 MB/sec17.4 ms
MK1032GAX100 GB34.5 MB/sec18.4 ms
MK1234GSX120 GB34.5 MB/sec16.9 ms
Western Digital
AC2340H340 MB2.1 MB/sec23.0 ms
AC2540F540 MB3.0 MB/sec19.0 ms
AC21200H1 GB6.0 MB/sec16.4 ms
AC24300L4 GB11.4 MB/sec17.6 ms
WD84AA8 GB9.8 MB/sec15.5 ms
WD100BB10 GB23.9 MB/sec14.2 ms
AC313500D13 GB17.1 MB/sec13.1 ms
WD153BA15 GB23.9 MB/sec13.7 ms
WD200BB20 GB34.6 MB/sec13.2 ms
234.9 MB/sec13.2 ms
334.9 MB/sec13.6 ms
446.7 MB/sec18.6 ms
WD200EB20 GB28.2 MB/sec18.0 ms
WD205AA20 GB19.5 MB/sec17.7 ms
WD300EB30 GB27.0 MB/sec18.2 ms
WD360GD36 GB55.0 MB/sec8.9 ms
255.0 MB/sec8.5 ms
355.0 MB/sec8.9 ms
455.1 MB/sec8.4 ms
555.1 MB/sec8.5 ms
662.6 MB/sec7.8 ms
762.7 MB/sec7.9 ms
855.0 MB/sec8.5 ms
WD400BB40 GB47.0 MB/sec13.7 ms
258.6 MB/sec19.1 ms
347.0 MB/sec14.5 ms
447.4 MB/sec18.5 ms
547.4 MB/sec13.6 ms
646.8 MB/sec13.7 ms
753.9 MB/sec13.2 ms
858.6 MB/sec14.2 ms
947.4 MB/sec13.8 ms
1055.1 MB/sec19.9 ms
1147.0 MB/sec14.4 ms
WD400BD40 GB56.6 MB/sec13.9 ms
258.6 MB/sec13.7 ms
WD400EB40 GB13.3 MB/sec17.6 ms
WD400JB40 GB56.7 MB/sec13.7 ms
WD400JB40 GB53.8 MB/sec13.6 ms
256.7 MB/sec13.3 ms
WD450AA45 GB24.4 MB/sec15.4 ms
224.4 MB/sec16.0 ms
WD600BB60 GB47.1 MB/sec14.4 ms
WD740ADFD74 GB79.8 MB/sec8.1 ms
283.3 MB/sec8.1 ms
384.8 MB/sec7.9 ms
479.8 MB/sec8.0 ms
584.9 MB/sec7.9 ms
684.8 MB/sec8.1 ms
WD740GD74 GB68.6 MB/sec7.8 ms
268.6 MB/sec8.1 ms
368.6 MB/sec7.7 ms
468.5 MB/sec8.2 ms
568.7 MB/sec7.7 ms
668.6 MB/sec7.7 ms
768.6 MB/sec7.8 ms
868.6 MB/sec7.6 ms
968.6 MB/sec7.5 ms
1068.6 MB/sec7.6 ms
WD800AB80 GB40.4 MB/sec14.1 ms
WD800BB80 GB55.1 MB/sec19.5 ms
247.0 MB/sec14.6 ms
347.1 MB/sec13.7 ms
453.7 MB/sec18.2 ms
547.1 MB/sec13.7 ms
658.5 MB/sec14.0 ms
747.1 MB/sec14.9 ms
847.0 MB/sec14.5 ms
WD800BEVS80 GB33.9 MB/sec17.7 ms
WD800JB80 GB47.0 MB/sec13.8 ms
256.3 MB/sec13.8 ms
346.9 MB/sec13.4 ms
456.3 MB/sec13.8 ms
555.1 MB/sec15.6 ms
647.1 MB/sec13.7 ms
757.8 MB/sec13.8 ms
847.1 MB/sec13.5 ms
955.0 MB/sec15.9 ms
1055.0 MB/sec15.4 ms
1155.0 MB/sec14.8 ms
1247.0 MB/sec13.6 ms
1356.3 MB/sec13.7 ms
1456.3 MB/sec13.8 ms
WD800JD80 GB53.6 MB/sec13.3 ms
258.2 MB/sec13.4 ms
356.4 MB/sec13.7 ms
456.3 MB/sec14.1 ms
556.4 MB/sec13.9 ms
656.4 MB/sec14.3 ms
WD800LB80 GB55.4 MB/sec13.9 ms
WD800UE80 GB32.8 MB/sec18.2 ms
232.4 MB/sec18.3 ms
WD800VE80 GB33.7 MB/sec17.6 ms
WD1000BB100 GB42.0 MB/sec15.5 ms
WD1200BB120 GB47.1 MB/sec13.7 ms
255.3 MB/sec13.1 ms
355.3 MB/sec13.1 ms
450.8 MB/sec12.8 ms
WD1200JB120 GB47.8 MB/sec13.4 ms
247.1 MB/sec13.1 ms
361.0 MB/sec13.2 ms
447.1 MB/sec14.5 ms
544.3 MB/sec13.7 ms
654.1 MB/sec13.9 ms
750.8 MB/sec12.6 ms
847.0 MB/sec13.4 ms
960.5 MB/sec13.3 ms
1045.9 MB/sec13.6 ms
1150.8 MB/sec13.7 ms
WD1200JD120 GB54.3 MB/sec13.5 ms
260.5 MB/sec13.1 ms
WD1200JS120 GB61.0 MB/sec13.1 ms
WD1200LB120 GB54.5 MB/sec19.7 ms
WD1200UE120 GB38.4 MB/sec17.8 ms
WD1500ADFD150 GB85.3 MB/sec8.1 ms
279.8 MB/sec8.2 ms
379.9 MB/sec8.1 ms
482.9 MB/sec8.3 ms
584.9 MB/sec8.1 ms
682.9 MB/sec8.4 ms
784.9 MB/sec7.6 ms
WD1600BB160 GB58.1 MB/sec13.3 ms
WD1600JB160 GB54.3 MB/sec14.3 ms
258.2 MB/sec20.3 ms
358.0 MB/sec13.2 ms
460.5 MB/sec20.3 ms
WD1600JD160 GB55.2 MB/sec13.2 ms
260.5 MB/sec13.4 ms
360.5 MB/sec13.3 ms
455.2 MB/sec13.3 ms
558.1 MB/sec20.3 ms
658.1 MB/sec13.3 ms
WD1600JS160 GB61.5 MB/sec13.4 ms
258.4 MB/sec13.3 ms
358.4 MB/sec13.3 ms
460.9 MB/sec13.3 ms
558.3 MB/sec13.2 ms
WD1800JB180 GB47.8 MB/sec13.5 ms
WD2000BB200 GB50.7 MB/sec20.5 ms
255.7 MB/sec13.6 ms
358.2 MB/sec13.4 ms
WD2000JB200 GB58.1 MB/sec13.3 ms
255.3 MB/sec13.4 ms
358.1 MB/sec13.7 ms
454.3 MB/sec14.0 ms
558.1 MB/sec13.5 ms
658.0 MB/sec13.3 ms
WD2000JD200 GB58.1 MB/sec13.4 ms
252.5 MB/sec13.9 ms
358.0 MB/sec13.1 ms
460.5 MB/sec13.4 ms
WD2000JS200 GB63.9 MB/sec13.4 ms
261.0 MB/sec13.5 ms
361.0 MB/sec13.4 ms
458.3 MB/sec18.2 ms
WD2500JB250 GB60.4 MB/sec13.5 ms
260.6 MB/sec13.7 ms
358.2 MB/sec13.3 ms
458.1 MB/sec20.6 ms
555.6 MB/sec14.4 ms
658.2 MB/sec18.7 ms
WD2500JD250 GB58.1 MB/sec13.2 ms
258.0 MB/sec13.1 ms
358.1 MB/sec13.3 ms
460.6 MB/sec13.4 ms
558.0 MB/sec19.8 ms
WD2500JS250 GB62.1 MB/sec13.5 ms
262.1 MB/sec20.6 ms
362.1 MB/sec18.8 ms
462.1 MB/sec13.2 ms
562.1 MB/sec18.7 ms
WD2500KS250 GB59.1 MB/sec13.5 ms
258.6 MB/sec13.8 ms
362.1 MB/sec13.4 ms
462.1 MB/sec13.7 ms
562.1 MB/sec13.4 ms
662.1 MB/sec13.5 ms
762.1 MB/sec18.8 ms
WD2500SB250 GB58.0 MB/sec14.7 ms
WD2500YS250 GB62.5 MB/sec13.3 ms
261.9 MB/sec13.3 ms
WD3000JB300 GB59.2 MB/sec13.0 ms
WD3000JD300 GB59.0 MB/sec13.5 ms
259.1 MB/sec13.0 ms
WD3200320 GB65.9 MB/sec13.4 ms
WD3200JB320 GB63.6 MB/sec17.7 ms
WD3200JD320 GB63.9 MB/sec13.5 ms
WD3200JS320 GB63.6 MB/sec17.0 ms
WD3200KS320 GB65.8 MB/sec13.6 ms
265.9 MB/sec13.4 ms
363.5 MB/sec13.3 ms
463.5 MB/sec13.1 ms
563.6 MB/sec13.2 ms
663.6 MB/sec13.6 ms
763.5 MB/sec13.3 ms
WD4000KD400 GB62.6 MB/sec12.9 ms
WD5000KS500 GB69.9 MB/sec13.5 ms
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